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pesto-ish spread

So people have been beating me down at theCross recently to post some recipes.  Unfortunately, my computer decided back in May to stop cooperating with me and I have been computer-less ever since.  While it’s been nice doing things other than surfing the internet in the evening when I get home, I’ve really missed this little blog, and I’ve missed sharing some great recipes.  I’ve also really missed Pinterest, which is just not the same on my phone as it is on a nice big monitor!

In response to all these crazy Bible-beaters (joking) begging me for recipes, I’m going to post one…just one for now as I am at work and wanting to leave soon.  So I’ll go for the fave…the one that people practically want to lick off their plates every time I make it…the one I am now calling the “pesto-ish spread”.

I really made this one up in my head, and I don’t always write these things down, so just experiment if you make it yourself…don’t follow my measurements to the letter, do what you like and add your own “ish”.

Sorry, no photo this time.

what’s in it

about a cup of non-fat greek yogurt

dollop of non-fat or low-fat sour cream

juice from 1 lemon or lime, depends on what you like best

a handful or two of leafy greens such as spinach, kale, watercress, arugula or any combination thereof

about a tablespoon of olive oil

basil or mint, depending on what you’re serving with


2-3 garlic cloves

dash of red pepper flakes

dash of black pepper

couple shakes of cumin

salt to taste (add at the very end)

how it comes together

by the grace of god…haha just kidding, well not really but you know.

pack all the green stuff in the bottom of a food processor, then add the garlic, the spices (except salt), then pour on all the liquid stuff

yeah…that’s it

serve with anything.  literally anything.  well except cake…it may not taste so good with cake.

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So my Saturday nights have changed drastically in the past year.  They now serve a single purpose…to make Sunday mornings better and last longer.   I actually skipped out on drinks with an old friend on Saturday night just to prep what promised to be a truly great meal.  

I make food for The Cross on Sundays.  And this week, as always, it was completely worth staying in on Saturday night!  kwaytio phat si-yu, a Thai dish that is this delightful combination of soy sauce, honey, fish sauce, noodles, beef and greens…wonderful things (well except fish sauce…that stuff is truly vile, but somehow when it is mixed with other things it tastes soooo good).  And yum some-oh.  Seriously, Thai people have a way of naming things.  A dish with a name like that has to be tasty.  Sounds much better than “pink grapefruit with toasted coconut and fresh mint”.  And of course, for my vegans, a golden grains salad with barley, cous cous, brown rice, orange juice, stone ground mustard and veggies.  

The reason I love Sunday mornings so much is that all of the elements of my Sunday mornings seem to work together to give me a glimpse of the life I was made for.  A life where I have creativity, meaning, purpose and community.  A life where the heartaches, the mourning, the disappointments just don’t matter, or cease to exist entirely.  I listen to beautiful words that were inspired by a God that literally wants to give me everything I ask Him for, I hear music that feels as if it was written just to keep me going.  I see people beautiful people, kind people, small people, quiet people, all of whom absolutely delight me.  And to top it all off, I get to feed these people who have inspired me the entire morning…I get to figure out what they like, what they don’t like so much, what they’re allergic to or makes them gag, and what they make for themselves when they’re at home.  How cool is that?  How could I not want to make that feeling last just a little longer?  I can’t wait for Sunday to come around again next week.

Enjoy the recipes if you’re interested…they’re located in the recipe category (yeah I know…not as creative as Thai people with naming things).

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